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Aeromotors, LLC

304 E. Murray St.
Browntown, WI 53522
United States

Aeromotors LLC is a FAA / EASA certified repair station that specializes in the repair/overhaul of aircraft accessories and the manufacturing of custom made AC & DC electric motors. The aircraft accessories are primarily electric motor driven such as fuel pumps, trim actuators, blowers' etc. The custom made electric motors are specialty items often used in the medical field, in centrifuges, cell washers, bone saws and drills.

Aeromotors LLC has the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to reverse engineer components for our aircraft accessories customers and commercial motor customers. We have the capability to take aircraft accessories that are no longer supported or poorly supported by the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) and develop the procedures and parts necessary to overhaul/repair those components. We have worked with our commercial motor customers in solving their problems with performance, quality control, and lack of suppliers for small production runs of their specialty motors.

Our electrical engineer has been in electric motor design and manufacturing since 1984 and has been a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for the FAA since 1999. Our aircraft component experience and expertise comes form being in the aviation industry since 1963 and having the ability to develop the FAA approved / accepted Process Specifications and Overhaul/Repair Procedures for a number of accessories. Just a few of the items that we have developed approved / accepted Process Specifications and Overhaul/Repair Procedures for are Airborne Fuel Pumps, Dukes Fuel Pumps, BFG De-ice Brush Blocks, Mitsubishi Actuators, Electromech (Beechcraft) Blowers, Advance Industry Blowers, Dynamic Air Blowers etc.