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431 Rio Rancho Blvd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
United States

AeroParts is an aerospace OEM manufacturer and a 145 Repair Station. Our repair division specializes in repair and restoration of ozone converters, NGS/FTIS components, and complex duct assemblies.
Ozone converters: Supplying 60% of the world's fleet, our process restores ozone converter performance to “like-new” condition. The advantages are that units are in service longer, operating costs are lower, passenger comfort is increased, and critical components are protected.
NGS/FTIS System: Our solution provides enhanced reliability and increased performance with lower cost. Components include ozone converter, pre-filter assembly, ASM, oxygen sensor, and backflow check valve.
Duct repair: Supporting complex metal and composite assemblies. Applications include pneumatic systems, fuel and cooling manifolds, plenums/diffusers, exhaust plugs and nozzles, and ram air ducts.

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