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Aerospace Logistics Group

Ringstrasse 9
4123 Allschwil

ALG provides professional, hands-on, worldwide aviation and aerospace logistics services around the clock. In the demanding aviation and aerospace industry, we meet and exceed the requirements of our customers, from AOG shipments, charters and on-board couriers to routine air and sea forwarding. We are well placed to fulfill your needs, through the flexible and durable solutions made possible by our members' combined global operations and wealth of experience. We speak your language, with members who are experience in the complex logistics of aerospace parts, both large and small. We appreciate the concept of “just in time" and inventory reduction. We understand the difference between routine, critical and AOG- and only ship as AOG when it is truly needed, saving clients time and money. Our goal is to deliver impeccable serve with tailored procedures to ensure the fast and safe arrival of your freight.

High Class Aviation Logistics Services