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Airbus Helicopters Canada

1100 Gilmore Rd.
Ft. Erie, ON L2A 5M9

Airbus is the world’s No. 1 helicopter manufacturer. The company’s in service fleet includes approximately 12,000 helicopters operated by more than 3,010 customers in 152 countries. Airbus’ range of civil and military helicopters is the world’s largest; accounting for one third of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet. The company’s main priority is to ensure the safe operation of its aircraft for the thousands of people who fly more than 3.2 million hours per year.

Airbus is a leading supplier of helicopters in Canada that are used across the country in key parapublic and civil roles such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, oil & gas, utility: mining, firefighting, powerline maintenance, search and rescue, forestry, and environmental surveys; and transport: tour, corporate, and private.