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Alpha Quantix

23232 Peralta Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
United States

Alpha Quantix carries a full line of wearable robotics for gripping, lifting and holding the tools, parts and other objects typically encountered in aviation MRO environments. Our exos enhance worker strength and endurance, reducing fatigue and improving performance and safety.

One of Alpha Quantix's newest solutions is the Bioservo Ironhand, a powered exo-glove that doubles average grip strength and uses machine intelligence to anticipate and assist the wearer when gripping tools, parts and other objects. Another new solution is the German Bionic Cray X powered exoskeleton that adds up to 66 pounds assistance for lifting heavy objects. Both of these exoskeletons are cloud connected and collect real-time user data for analysis and reporting.

Alpha Quantix Wearable Robotics

Productivity/Safety with Powered Wearable Robotics