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230038 SLATINA

ALRO is one of the largest vertically integrated aluminium producers in Europe by production capacity and is structured in two divisions: 

• Primary Aluminium, with Anode plant, Aluminium Smelter, Casting House, Aluminium Eco-Recycling Facility, repairs and spare parts production units, road and rail transportation and other additional sections. After investing in upgrading its equipment and in new technology, ALRO reached a production capacity of 265,000 tonnes of primary aluminium and 340,000 tonnes of cast aluminium. At the same time, all necessary anodes for the electrolysis of alumina are internally produced;

 • Processed Aluminium has a processing capacity of 90,000 tonnes of processed aluminium, depending on the production mix. Currently, a capacity increasing programme is being run with a view to reach a capacity up to 120,000 tonnes by 2022.

The aluminium production and processing facilities of the Group are located in Slatina, Romania and currently comprise a smelter, including an anode plant, a casting house, an aluminium scrap re-melting facility (the “Eco Recycling Facility”), hot and cold rolling mills and an extrusion shop. The Company also owns Alum S.A., an alumina refinery based in Tulcea: http://www.alum.ro/en.