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2 Path of innovation
Pharmaparc II
27100 Val-de-Reuil


The CRT Analyzes et Surface, of the 6NAPSE Group, provides manufacturers with an operational platform for studying materials. Our facilities provide a framework for coupling materials characterization tools with environmental aging methods. Our main mission is to support companies and laboratories in their research and innovation projects, expertise, studies and testing services in the engineering of industrial materials. Our advanced investigation means allow the characterization of all types of materials. We analyze surface, content, nature, composition or behavior of materials. We can meet your expectations in the following areas of expertise: - Failure assessments (Fractography, Corrosion, Defects, etc.); - Study of materials (powder morphology, thicknesses, hardness, elementary analysis, characterization of coatings, etc.); - Study of the aging of materials in a controlled environment (salt spray, photo-aging, climatic shock, climatic cycle, vibrating pot, etc.); - Management of Research and Innovation projects in collaborative mode.