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Andpak / Zip-Chem®

400 Jarvis Drive
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
United States

Zip-Chem is a formulator, manufacturer, and packager of a broad line of aircraft maintenance products. We offer our Cor-Ban line of corrosion inhibiting compounds, Sur-Prep aviation cleaners and degreasers, Calla interior and exterior appearance products, and our Aero-Lube specialty lubricants.

Andpak is a specialty contract packaging company. We design and fill high quality packs for high tech industrial materials. Our packs include cartridges, tubes, pouches, tins, bottles and sachets. We also offer a range of special packs for multi component products. Visit our dedicated zipchem.com and andpak.com websites for more info. Zip-Chem & Andpak are both part of ADDEV Materials Group, a designer and manufacturer of customized materials solutions.

Andpak / Zip-Chem®

Ensuring aircraft performance & longevity