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Appearance Group, Inc.

9424 E. 37th St. N., Suite 100
Wichita, KS 67226
United States

As an aircraft owner or operator, you probably remember the first flight aboard your new aircraft. Everything, inside and out, was new and sparkling clean; the leather seats, smooth and unmarked; the technology, state-of-the-art. Your aircraft was a reflection of your image, success and personal style. This is why your choice of aircraft partners, including aircraft cleaning and detailing, is so critical.

At Appearance Group, we share your passion for your aircraft. Our highly trained personnel are more than just cleaners and technicians. They’re problem solvers who strive to keep your aircraft looking and performing like new. And while others claim to offer similar interior and exterior maintenance services, no one in the industry can match the depth of aircraft detailing experience and level of commitment Appearance Group delivers every day.

From the moment you land at one of our host facilities, you’ll notice the difference in the quality of our people and services. We genuinely listen to your concerns and deliver the solutions you need within your schedule. And when it comes to quality, the proof is in the details—like wiping down all the airframes by hand, which provides a quality spot-free finish. This also allows our service specialists to visually inspect every inch of your aircraft and pinpoint issues before they become problems. It’s just one of the many things that sets Appearance Group apart from the other aircraft cleaning services, and ensures that every flight delivers the same pride of ownership as the first.