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ZI La Grignardais
22490 Pleslin-Trigavou

Every day our robotics team innovates to invent the factory of the future by automating a growing part of our production means which will soon reach 40% of the machine fleet.

In the same way our metal additive activity continues to progress to offer innovative manufacturing models for sectors as demanding as the medical.

It is impossible to put innovation at the heart of our strategy without putting people at the heart of our concerns. This conviction has led us to set up ambitious training plans, even going so far as to imagine Emeraude Valley , a new kind of ecosystem, both academy and incubator , where everything is implemented. to facilitate creativity.

In the same way, we are multiplying partnerships (Bretagne Ateliers, Les Jardins de Cocagne) to contribute to social and human development carrying the values which are dear to us and which are symbolized by the planting of a tree for each new employee.

Our teams are committed to a respectful approach to the environment including the recycling chip collection machined we compress to recover oil cuts.
Armor Meca also anticipates by striving to create the conditions for autonomous energy production today . Our active partnership in the formidable Energy Observer program of the navigator Victorien Erussard allows us to continuously improve our environmental performance.
Each employee counts in our environmental approach and Armor Meca demonstrates this by planting one fruit tree per employee.