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Via Euripide 13

From the heart of Emilia Romagna in the Motor Valley land of passions and engines, Arteinmotion is born. The deep and deep-rooted search for excellence in these areas for years has guided our work that has always been aimed at combining perfection of shapes with functionality and comfort.

The Aeronautica line's products draw inspiration from this influence, which with its unique style creates perfect harmony and at the same time an unexpected contrast; it is a reminder of the past and a leap into the future with highly innovative luxury objects.

The plane is the main protagonist of the most exclusive line of Arteinmotion, creating unique suggestions, a balanced mix of design, creativity and technology.

So it is that the wing of an airplane turns into a desk or a conference table, that the turbine of a Boeing 747 becomes an important reception bar or that an additional tank of a fighter-bomber becomes a uniquely designed chandelier.

And what about the radial aircraft engines of the 1930s? They can be transformed into exclusive coffee tables, dining tables or art objects that embellish the walls.

All this is the result of the creative mind of the 2 founding members, with the search for an unequaled balance in the fusion of materials so different from each other, yet so right together, which create exclusive furniture.

Arteinmotion anticipates new market trends while remaining tied to the traditions of Made in Italy: from this fusion captivating visions of contemporary furniture are born.

Design, colors, leathers come together in a unique mix to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers.

The passion unchanged over the years continues to guide Arteinmotion in the creation of artistic objects by combining ancient techniques with innovative processes.