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Via Verdi, 33/35
20010 San Giorgio su Legnano FR

1919 is the year of the first transatlantic flight, and the year in which we started our adventure in aerospace and defence industry. Born as the avionic division of FIAT, we walked through history as FIAT Avio, Marelli Avio, Simmel Difesa and then, in 1998, we eventually became ASE, aprivately owned company. Our story reflects the incredible challenges that humanity faced in the last century, and the capacity to successfully face them. We’re one century old, and we still feel the enthusiam coming from the challenges of a fast changing world.
The past is important, and we make it our treaure. We build our future everyday, and we strongly want it to be cleaner and greener: our R&D efforts are put in making our products lighter, combining light-weight with the highest reliability, through the use of innovative materials. A lighter unit means minimizing fuel consumption, for a cleaner sky and a cleaner future. We’re proudly working on a project, part of UE’s call“Clean Sky”, to develop a cleaner future.