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The ASKO Group

12128 Cyrus Way
Mukilteo, WA 98275
United States

THE ASKO GROUP are interlocking companies located in the Seattle, Washington, area.

ASKO Processing offers chemical processes for the aerospace industry. These include plating, anodize, NDT, shot peen, and etch processes.

ASKO Aviation Services provides mechanical metal finishing processes such as HVOF, grinding, super finishing, honing, and FAA-approved repairs including disassembly and machining.

Color Tech affords the painting and coating services for the group, including prime, topcoat, Sol Gel, dry lubricant, powder coating, and more.

ASKO Selective Plating performs stylus / brush plating for repairs and localized plating in-house or on-site. We offer a wide variety of plating materials, from Anodize to Cadmium to Zinc and more.