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The strategic objective of the competitiveness clusters is to support collaborative innovation through the support and labeling of Research and Development (R&D) projects. 

The Thematic Areas (DT) of the ASTech Paris Region pole are the association's bodies within which collaborative R&D projects and structuring projects emerge, through the meeting and dialogue of the actors (industrial and academic) participating. They are places of support for setting up the project, identification of potential partners and orientation of the project.

In order to facilitate the emergence of projects, the ASTech cluster is organized into 7 DT:

DT MMS - Materials, Manufacturing and Structures

DT E&P - Energy and Propulsion

DT CCDE - Smart Systems: Sensors, Connectivity, Data and Tests

DT MIAMI - Innovative Missions, Architectures and Associated Engineering Methods

DT ED - Digital company

DT Embedded systems with high criticality (Joint Theme Group AStech, Mov'eo, Normandie AéroEspace)

The DT EFR (Employment, Training, Research) complements these technical thematic areas, in particular to anticipate training that will integrate advances from R&D projects supported by the cluster.

Since its creation, 73 FUI-type R&D projects labeled by the cluster have found funding from the State and local authorities, representing a budget of € 312 million for a grant amount of € 134 million. The success rate of the ASTech cluster amounts to 70% on this window.