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107/109 bd Tolstoï

"Design, production, control: a three-step activity."

Design and calculations are the first link in the activities of Ateliers Cini. We combine the experience of our teams with powerful 3D tools to carry out reliable and optimized studies.

Multi-material and multi-process… This is what best characterizes manufacturing at Ateliers Cini. We make it a point of honor to maintain a high level of skills in many shaping processes: subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing ,  lamination , etc.
This results in a strong complementarity of the production tool.

Design well, manufacture well and be able to verify it! This is the mission of the Cini control teams. These specialists take care of parts and assemblies up to 6000 x 3000 x 1500 mm, while guaranteeing a very high level of precision.