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AuSIM, Inc.

1220 Pear Ave., Suite D
Mountain View, CA 94043-1447
United States

AuSIM, Inc., founded in 1998 originally in Palo Alto, now with facilities in Mountain View, California, is a leading developer and provider of audio simulation, positional (3D) sound, and audio measurement solutions that enhance sound perception.

Audio simulation is the aural parallel to its more broadly recognized sister technology, visual simulation.  While visual simulation relies heavily upon computer graphics, audio simulation is typically implemented with digital signal processing.  However, both technologies are about synthesizing and presenting images representing objects or events that may not currently physically exist.  AuSIM specializes in audio simulation that requires instantaneous changes in the sound presentation, such as a vehicle streaking by the listener. 

Applications for audio simulation, however, extend far beyond accompanying visual simulation - while applications do include training simulations, they also extend to real-life situations where an operator/listener must simultaneously monitor multiple channels.  Working closely with government, university, and corporate research laboratories, AuSIM provides the latest aural technology to customers requiring precise sound simulation. 

AuSIM's high performance audio servers support industry-leading operating systems, including versions of Windows, Linux, and Unix.  AuSIM also is available to provide consulting expertise in acoustic theory, wave mechanics, linear systems, control systems, signal processing, and real-time system engineering.