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Aveo Engineering

Pribram Airport LKPM
Drasov 202
261 01 Drasov
Czech Republic

Aveo Engineering produces high-tech electronics solutions and LED lighting products for the aviation, marine, vehicle, mining, industrial, and obstruction warning/safety markets worldwide.

The lighting products Aveo produces include:

  • Navigation/position lights and strobes
  • Anticollision lights
  • Landing/taxi/WigWag/recognition
  • Tail/rudder
  • Logo
  • Interior
  • UVA and UVC LED lighting for disinfection
  • Accessories and ball vents

Aveo Engineering manufactures products for:

  • Commercial and business aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • OEMs/Defense OEMs
  • UAVs and miniature drones
  • Part 23 certified aircraft
  • LSA, experimental, UL, kits and gliders

EASA POA and ADOA certified. AS 9100D.

Aveo Engineering HeliPure

VeoLite Disinfection Lighting