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Avian Solutions, LLC

7044 Catbird Lane
Marshall, VA 20115
United States

Avian Solutions LLC was founded by David Brinson in 2004 as an aviation consulting company in an effort to fill a void in the industry. While there are other companies that provide a reasonable quality of work, there are few that have the depth of actual experience operating aviation businesses and developing them from the ground up. Over several decades, David Brinson, first as a pilot and later as a businessman, developed one of the nation’s largest and most profitable aviation businesses.

David has a variety of experience, but what makes his services unique is his understanding that all airports and aviation assignments are different and require a complete grasp of the fine nuances that have influence on the success of the project.

Avian Solutions, LLC office is located in Northern Virginia close to Washington, DC, however in today’s business climate the office travels wherever the assignment requires.