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The Aviation Agency, Inc.

377 W. Virginia St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
United States

We feel that one of our greatest strengths is the fact that our Producers are former Aviation Insurance Underwriters. Aviation Underwriting is unique, the industry is so small that the law of large numbers does not apply, therefore, not allowing for statistically accurate rating. Underwriters must truly understand not just the insurance aspects of a risk, but combine the insurance with specific aviation knowledge. This results in superior understanding of the client’s exposures and risk solutions. At ARMA we underwrite first and negotiate second.

Procedurally, each of our clients has a Producer, an Account Manager and a back-up Account Manager assigned to their account. There is always someone in the office that is familiar with each specific account. Clients are always given personal attention from a qualified Account Manager, never serviced by a pool of representatives who are sometimes even located outside the U.S.

Our systems, procedures and experience have allowed us to maintain professional relationships with our clients for a very long time. We have several major clients who’s insurance we have brokered over 25 consecutive years and many others over 20 years. We would suggest that rather than asking “how large” a broker is, clients are better served by asking “how long have you serviced your largest clients?”