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Beijing Shi 721014

More than 80 percent of titanium and titanium alloys in domestic aerospace are provided by BAOTI. We are making contribution to crucial projects in aerospace, including the first soft-land satellite, carrier rocket to Pacific Ocean, Shenzhou series spacecraft and Chang’e lunar exploration satellite. 

Baoji Titanium Industry is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy products. We produce high strength commercially pure titanium and titanium alloy products in a full range of plates, strips, foils, pipes, bars, strips, wires, forgings and castings. We also produce zirconium, nickel and steel in various forms. The products are applied to aerospace, ships & vessels, oil &gas, chemical processing, electric energy, metallurgy, medical and sports.  

Complete and integrated production systems, advanced technology, stable and reliable quality, high efficient management and superior marketing help Baoji Titanium Industry receive brilliant achievements: 8,000 innovative materials and 84 key scientific research projects at state and provincial level; 50 patents and 40 scientific research at ministerial and provincial level; 103 industrial standards have been drafted individually or jointly.