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BeAM was initially founded in 2012 with a view to build a new generation of DED Solutions. With our partners, we built and tested our Magic 1.0 system over a period of the next several years. The first industrial machines were delivered in early 2016 and we have continued to grow, test, and create new systems since.

Our technology helps its clients develop and industrialize their manufacturing and repair processes with an extensive range of services of their production cycle: from feasibility studies and the pilot production phase to the sale of production units and corresponding training programs.

BeAM, created in December 2012, is a pioneer in designing and producing industrial metal additive manufacturing machines using the DED technology (Directed Energy Deposition) and is growing rapidly across the globe. BeAM works closely with its customers and business partners to develop and industrialize manufacturing and repair processes with feasibility assessments, pilot production, training and sales of systems. To date, BeAM has developed innovative repair methods for critical aircraft engine parts enabling previously un-repairable components to be re-deployed for use in flight. Further application opportunities for DED solutions are the addition of features to existing components and the creation of near net shape parts.