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Benz Engineering

2400 Handley-Ederville Rd.
Ft. Worth, TX 76118
United States

Celebrating over 45 years in business, Benz Airborne Systems, provides business development, program management, engineering design, development, R&D, certification, systems integration, sales & parts distribution, technical assistance, and test, repair, overhaul and recertification services in support of our military and commercial customers worldwide. We specialize in high quality electrical systems and sensors for the aerospace, aircraft, rotorcraft, defense, flight test, marine, military ground vehicle, resource exploration & production industries, and test instrumentation & measurement markets with specific emphasis on pressure, temperature and diagnostic monitoring systems and related sensors and switches. We promote only the latest in innovative technology and designs that enhance the performance of the products that we offer, and we have the distinction of owning several patents and technical publications for our product developments and license technology for use in the industry.