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44160 BESNE

The company Besné Mécanique de Précision, created in 1980, changed its name to Bene Solutions in 2017.

This change results from the growth and diversification of a forward looking company within a dynamic industrial area. Machining subcontracting for the prime contractors of the Nantes and Saint-Nazaire region was its founding line of business and still remains a significant part both of its current activity and its development targets.

From the very beginning, Bene Solutions has worked for the aeronautical and power generation sectors, with major historical customers who have provided support in the development of the company and the diversification of its skills.

Today, Bene Solutions has customers not only all over France but also worldwide, without any boundaries or exclusions.

The diversification of its operations is in line with its strategic vision. It is oriented along the 2 axes of its activities in the field of machining-assembly and industrial integration.