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Rue Al'Fosse, 7
4681 Oupeye

BODAIR sa is active in the development, the design and the production of carbon fiber rods.

• As a result of the R&D conducted by Bodair, new technologies in carbon fiber rods are emerging.
• BODAIR is eager to offer high quality rods and advanced designs allowing significant weightreduction that largely exceed the current designs & performance of aluminum and/or stainless steel rods.
• Thanks to the combination of a completely new manufacturing process with a new carbon fiber design, BODAIR has acquired a unique competitive advantage over traditional rod technology & design.

BODAIR USES the pre-impregnated carbon fiber
filament winding technology.

• This technology will allow maximum control of the process and will guarantee porosity levels that are significantly lower than the traditional RTM processes. It will also allow maximal reproducibility and consistency in overall product quality.
• BODAIR uses patented production methodologies and design which enable the production of parts which previously were impossible to manufacture.