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Bombardier Component Repair and Overhaul

One Learjet Way
Building 5, Dock 5B
Wichita, KS 67209
United States

With more than 50 years of experience, the Bombardier Component Repair and Overhaul organization has set industry standards for MRO services for Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft customers.

Landing Gear Repair & Overhaul

Bombardier’s Component Repair & Overhaul facilities offer some of the most comprehensive landing gear services in the industry. Our factory-trained technicians use the latest technical data, techniques and tooling solutions to ensure your landing gear meets the highest operating standards.

Wheel & Tire Changes

Bombardier’s wheel and tire change capabilities are trusted by some of the most reputable fractional jet companies in the industry. Time it with your upcoming Challenger 350, Challenger 650 or Global maintenance to benefit from your aircraft’s inspection downtime.

Flap Changes & Adjustments

Operators who fly regularly know that a flap change or adjustment may be required from time to time. With highly-skilled OEM technicians working diligently on your repair or replacement, you can rest assured your aircraft flaps will be restored to like-new operating condition. 

Quick Battery Changes

Quick and efficient battery changes are what makes Bombardier’s Component Repair & Overhaul services the most sought-after among successful fractional aircraft companies. Benefit from scheduling efficiencies when timed with your upcoming Challenger 350, Challenger 650 & Global aircraft maintenance inspection.