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Britte Mustad

27 Rue de Cheratte
4683 Vivegnis

A site that is ideally located in a German-speaking region, 10 km from Aachen, 25 km from Maastricht, 25 km from Liège and geared towards the production of precision mechanical parts in series of 1000 to 18,000,000 parts per year. Two essential technologies, bar turning and milling for demanding industries in the defence, aeronautics, space, medical, machine manufacturing, connectivity, luxury, sports or energy sectors.

A site in the Liège region essentially produces small series for the aeronautics, space and defence industries. From engine parts for the Ariane rocket to components for nearly 30,000 aircraft engines around the world, its technical expertise and range of specialist technologies make it a true process designer capable of industrialising the most complex products for the most demanding sectors.