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Bucher Leichtbau AG

Industriestrasse 1a
8117 Fällanden

Embark on a journey of elevated comfort and style with Bucher Leichtbau, a leading aircraft interior manufacturer renowned for high-quality solutions. Our personalized designs feature distinctive branding elements, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for passengers.

From the initial offer to post-service, our award-winning customer service guarantees satisfaction. With fully customizable designs, retrofittable options, detachable solutions, and prioritized short lead times, we seamlessly enhance your journey.

Bucher Leichtbau specializes in designing and building top-tier interiors for commercial aircraft and VIP configurations for business jets. Trusted by leading airlines globally, we prioritize reliability, efficiency, and style to elevate the passenger experience. Our team of experts collaborates closely with each client, creating customized solutions from galleys to seating and storage with precision and attention to detail.

Whether upgrading existing interiors or outfitting a new aircraft, Bucher's Airplane Interiors are the preferred choice for operators worldwide.

Bucher Leichtbau AG

Attention to Detail, Commitment to Excellence