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C & D Associates, Inc.

302 Post Rd.
Buchanan, MI 49107-1050
United States

The unique design characteristics of our Janitrol Aero cabin heaters result in safe, dependable and long-lived performance known throughout aviation.

This reputation began with our product line’s introduction during World War II and continues today. Our most successful application is the Boeing Chinook helicopter. Even though the Chinook is over 50 years old, our heaters are still providing reliable cabin heat for the crew and maximizing the performance of the aircraft.

Hartzell Engine Technologies acquired Janitrol Aero in 2010. Since the purchase, Hartzell and its brands work to meet market demands for more intelligent, reliable, lightweight components. Through this continuous improvement effort, Janitrol Aero continues to create innovative aircraft heaters with robust design and high performance.

Janitrol Aero has continued to refine and improve designs for the future of the aviation industry. Strategic acquisitions helped elevate our already prominent presence in the general aviation field. Our asset purchases of C&D Associates and the aircraft heater line from Meggitt (Stewart-Warner) expanded our applications to include aircraft originally equipped with South Wind heaters, giving us the opportunity to support the entire general aviation fleet.