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C. H. Guernsey & Co.

5555 N. Grand Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
United States

Our office windows, which look out over the busy highways running through northwest Oklahoma City, are more than a hundred miles from the quiet rural streets of Cherokee, Oklahoma. Even so, the heart and character that define our company’s culture resonate as clearly and passionately here and now as they did the day Curtis Harold Guernsey Sr. flicked on a light in his garage in Cherokee and began a civil engineering service to support rural Oklahoma municipalities.

That was 1928. Today, we consider it our duty – and, equally, our honor – to carry on not only the name of our founder, but also the values that defined him as a trusted, loyal man of integrity.

A history that spans 90 years speaks to a company that has seen adversity, overcome hardship and endured when others could not. Guernsey met the first of its challenges just one year after its beginning: the infamous stock market crash of 1929 that launched the Great Depression. The fortitude and commitment to following through that sustained our company’s humble beginnings are what brought us to where we stand today. To say we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished simply wouldn’t be Mr. Guernsey’s style – but we like to think our story speaks for itself.