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CB Aviation

3715 Airport Rd.
Ogden, UT 84405
United States

International Sales: Did you know that an increasing number of aircrafts are sold and exported to countries overseas? Because the strength of economies vary throughout the world, and many “up and coming” countries have found new wealth, people all over the world are now interested in purchasing aircrafts. At CB Aviation we have sales managers in more than 20 countries. When we list an aircraft our sales managers immediately list it in their assigned geographic region. This means your aircraft is listed on many websites and trade publications throughout the world. We guarantee immediate global market penetration. With CB Aviation your aircraft is seen by millions more than other brokers. Our sales managers live in their geographic region and understand what aircrafts are selling, what the local customs are, how business works, and how best to market your aircraft.

HD Video / Virtual Tour / HD Photos: When you list your aircraft with CB Aviation, we fly our professional film and photography team to your aircraft to shoot a video and take HD pictures. We do this at our expense. Buying an aircraft is a serious matter and we understand that people (especially international clients) want to see numerous views of the aircraft. Our professional photographers know how to make each aircraft stand out from the others. The video and HD pictures have been the difference in many of our sales. CB Aviation is the only broker to offer this. Using the finest imaging technology, all of our listings are professionally photographed and filmed, allowing us to provide virtual and video tours of the aircraft, including exterior and interior (cabin & cockpit). When we film the interior, we stage the imagery, even going so far as to include food and beverage appropriate to the markets served. Every detail is thought through, down to the music that accompanies the video. We film the aircraft while landing, taxiing, and takeoff. We then edit this down to a two-minute presentation. We also provide detailed digital specifications covering all the necessary history and maintenance data expected for such a high end product.

Accurate Market Pricing: We provide you with accurate marketing pricing. Our international sales managers constantly monitor the international sales markets, cultures, and regulations; which help us pinpoint the geographic region most likely to generate a buyer for a specific aircraft. This allows us to better focus our marketing budget and efforts. Additionally, we consult the Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest, NAAA and Vref Aircraft Value Reference to determine the values for your aircraft. More importantly, we have a team of researchers continuously analyzing on-market aircraft and past transactions to provide you with the most accurate price for your aircraft.

Social Media: We leverage the power of social media to get your aircraft maximum exposure. We understand that executives and potential aircraft buyers are on websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and eBay. These sites have demonstrated their ability to generate solid prospects, which have led to many sales.

Email Campaign: We are continuously working to find the right buyer for your aircraft. One of the most effective ways to market your aircraft is through email campaign. The email campaigns we send are the most effective possible because we ensure the emails get to the right person, which is difficult to do. With offices in over 20 countries, we know which market to push your aircraft in for a timely sale. We use our experience to send these email campaigns to target a particular demographic and end user. When the email campaign is combined with our other marketing tools, we can sell most planes in less than 90 days.

Shorter Listing Agreement: Your goal is to get your aircraft sold in as little time as possible and for this reason, our listing agreement is shorter than almost any other broker.

No Money Up-front / Faster Turn Time: Combining our unique marketing plane and international team, we are confident we can sell your aircraft faster than anyone else, and for the most money the global market can bare. We partner with you and invest $5,000-$7,000 of our money to produce marketing materials for your aircraft. If your aircraft does not sell within 90 days you get to keep all of the marketing materials. Every day your aircraft doesn’t sell, it can cost you thousands. This is why we have a risk free 90-day sales guarantee.

Aircraft Delivery Service (Ferry): As mentioned, a high percentage of aircraft are sold all over the world, we also cater to this and can also deliver the aircraft any where in the world, even those aircrafts that aren’t designed to fly long distances or cross oceans.

Cory Bengtzen, President and Founder of CB Aviation, literally “grew up” in sales. Specifically in the automotive industry he honed his client representation skills and a keen understanding of all aspects of financing. His personal passion for flying both small aircraft and helicopters propelled his shift into the aircraft industry. His significant accomplishments include:

Managing sales for the largest auto dealer in Utah, transacting over 600 units per month.

Directly managed 50+ sales professionals and 15+managers.

Developed and implemented marketing and sales strategies.

Developed expertise in all marketing and sales areas of the automotive industry, including sales, transaction closer, finance manager, general sales manager, advertising manager, general manager and owner

Co-owned a large Ford dealership.

Co-owned one of Utah’s largest independent auto groups.

15 years of sales experience (13 years in automotive, 2 in motorcycles)

Successfully managed an auto finance company

Attended numerous sales training seminars for national brands including Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Ford and Chrysler.

Accomplished twin engine and helicopter pilot who has personally purchased and sold numerous personal aircraft.

Graduated from ABAI aircraft broker institute