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Century Aerospace Corp.

46 E. Washington St.
Ellicottville, NY 14731
United States

As with most companies, Century Aerospace Corporation began with a man with a vision. Today, the aerospace world is watching Bill Northrup's vision evolve into reality.

Bill Northrup, Founder and Chairman of the Board, founded Century Aerospace Corporation under the name Paragon in 1992, changing the name three years later to more accurately reflect the nature of his product and of his vision - a revolutionary aircraft that redefines price and performance for executive travel.

Century researched the design criteria needed to accomplish this mission and developed a new aircraft configuration. Known as the Century Jet, the inexpensive, six-place, high-performance, turbofan aircraft would make an affordable, state-of-the-art, 21st century aircraft available for less than the cost of a twin turboprop.

With tacit FAA approval on much of the materials and design, the Century Jet is quickly evolving from a software and wind tunnel model to a conforming prototype. This is the same method of design used by all major aircraft manufacturers.

"The first thing we produce is going to be a certifiable aircraft," said Northrup. "It's our philosophy to provide the best-possible aircraft for the lowest-possible expense. One way to do this is to use proven design techniques and materials thereby avoiding the need for an expensive proof-of-concept phase."

Another way to implement that philosophy is by learning from the successes and failures of past development programs and by using applied technology which has been previously approved by the FAA on other aircraft. "Using tried-and-true aircraft materials and designs gives us confidence in our product, as well as shortening the certification process." Northrup said. "Our aircraft is further backed by the technical strength of our team."

The Century team consists of highly experienced aircraft design personnel who have been involved in the design, development, testing and certification of nearly 200 different aircraft, ranging from single-engine piston aircraft to twin-engine corporate jets and larger commercial airliners.