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25 rue Marcel Issartier
33702 Mérignac

CESA Drones (Center for Testing and Services on Autonomous Systems) is an independent center dedicated to flight testing, qualification and training of remote pilots. Resulting from a collaboration between the Bordeaux Technowest technopole, the DGAC-SO, the Aquitaine Regional Council and the Ministry of Defense, CESA Drones allows companies to develop and evaluate their products (vector and payload) in a suitable environment.

Located on the Souge Military Camp in the municipalities of Martignas-sur-Jalle and Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, CESA Drones has a segregated airspace (Zone R 247 A / B published by the SIA) with a ceiling permanent 2,000 feet. CESA Drones provides flight infrastructure and integrated services for autonomous systems, allowing users to comply with French regulations.