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Av Beira Mar No 216/1102, Centro
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

CIAGERAL was established in 1946 and since then has been dedicated to the representation of foreign companies in Brazil.

In 1953, CIAGERAL was one of the companies responsible for the establishment of Motortec Indústria Aeronáutica S/A. Company dedicated to the engines and turbines maintenance for the aeronautical market.

Has also manufactured parts and fuselage parts for several aircrafts manufactured by Embraer.

In 1966, has participate in the establishment of Votec Taxi Aéreo, the largest helicopter transport company in Brazil at that time, responsible for personnel transport to the offshore platforms as well as commuter transport to the North of Brazil.

Today we support the aeronautical market, representing companies that provide turbine overhaul and parts, for civilian and military segments. we also support business jets and helicopter providing turbines, accessories and components.

CIAGERAL currently has a significant portfolio of representative companies, covering important segments such as exploration, production and oil refining, hydropower generation, nuclear, fossil and solar, mining, pulp and paper that are considered as top priority for the country’s development. The products and companies represented by CIAGERAL have all the relevant certifications.

CIAGERAL is fully dedicated in serving the Oil & Gas industry with fast deliveries of reliable products with all certifications.