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Computer Training Systems

200 W. Douglas, Suite 230
Wichita, KS 67202
United States

In late 1982, when the Apple II was the leading personal computer, a director of training for a large FAR 135 operation began to see the potential for using personal computers to deliver certain elements of aviation for pilots.

Soon, in partnership with a successful businessman, a new corporation, Computer Training Systems, better known as CTS, was born. Perhaps it was prophetic that at the end of 1982, Time Magazine elected the personal computer as the "Man of the Year". The fledgling company attracted dedicated pilot trainers, a virtual computer software and hardware genius and support personnel. When forming the goals of the new company, CTS decided that the training produced must be engaging, relevant, comprehensive, and above all, affordable to customers. Ease of use, timely updates, unmatched technical support and integrated record keeping were also thought to be essential as the first programs were designed. 

Along with a number of "Fortune 500" aviation departments, after having viewed a computer-based training demonstration of CTS capabilities, the IBM flight department became one of our early customers. Within two years after its birth, it became evident that the IBM PC was to become the standard for personal computing. CTS approached the task of converting its software with the same spirit of dedication with which it was born.