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Conduant Corp.

1501 S. Sunset St., Suite C
Longmont, CO 80501
United States

Conduant Corporation designs and manufactures real-time, long-duration digital recording and playback systems.  In environments where large volumes of high-speed data are generated (e.g. radio astronomy, video imaging, radar, electronic surveillance), Conduant’s StreamStor® products excel at error-free recording and playback.  Unlike general purpose data storage products, Conduant’s products ensure reliable, guaranteed and sustained performance, unparalleled in the industry.  One key to Conduant’s technology is an innovative way to record data directly from a third party source, using peer-to-peer capabilities of PCI Express to bypass the bottlenecks inherent in traditional recording systems.  StreamStor controllers feature a high speed FPGA to reliably move data from external IO interfaces to and from the storage media.