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Corso Magenta

22 rue Lavoisier
92000 Nanterre

Founded in 2007, Corso Magenta is changing the world of traditional painting and its applications, transforming liquid paint into a dry paint film. This unique process makes it possible to increase paint robustness considerably, eliminate the drying phases and  allow the integration of functionalities.

FAST PAINT REPAIR - CorsoPatch Aircraft
Quickly repair local paint impacts on your aircrafts and maximize their operating time.
Complete repair solution including Parts (with EASA Form1) and SB (Service Bulletin).

- No drying time: Maximizes the useful operating time of the asset (reduces the downtime for forced maintenance by 85%)
- Eliminate paint waste
- Protects operators from toxic substances (no exposure to VOC)
- Allows coactivity with paint repairs

CAA Aprobation for the CorsoPatch Aircraft solution:
EASA ; FAA; UK CAA ; TCCA (Canada) ; DGCA (Turkey)