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Cryotech Deicing Technology

6103 Orthoway
Ft. Madison, IA 52627
United States

Cryotech Deicing Technology is a division of General Atomics International Services Corporation, a San Diego based company specializing in energy-related research and product development.

In 1992, General Atomics purchased the deicing business of Chevron Chemical Company. Included in the acquisition was the production facility at Ft. Madison, Iowa, plus all patents, processes and rights developed by Chevron. The business was renamed Cryotech Deicing Technology, the root word "Cryo" meaning cold.

A world leader in acetate technology, Cryotech manufactures and markets environmentally compatible acetate-based highway, commercial and airport runway deicers. Acetates are considered safe for the environment because they readily biodegrade and exhibit low toxicity to vegetation and aquatic life.

Cryotech Deicers

Aircraft and Runway Deicers