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Cunico Corp.

1910 W. 16th St.
Long Beach, CA 90813
United States

cunico, founded in 1951, is the leading manufacturer of Mil-Spec fittings (nuclear and non-nuclear), and valves for nuclear submarines (SSNs), SSBNs and nuclear aircraft carriers (CVNs), and naval surface ships. Also, thru related company, Dynamic Controls, Ltd., cunico high pressure cartridge valves, reducing stations/manifolds, and the gas supply system for ME-GI gas-injection systems, and bellows sealed globe valves for the nuclear industry, manufactured by BVMIprocess engineering, a division of Dynamic Controls Ltd.; and, the cartridge valve system for Rocket Launch, which comprises various stop valves, electro-pneumatic stop valves, regulators, and manifolds for the launching of multi-stage rockets, and the individual gas lines for nitrogen, helium and H.P. air.