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Danubian Aircraft Co.

0323/24. hrsz.

Danubian Aircraft Company Hungary was founded in 1992 with the purpose of using domestic aviation industry experience of many decades and continue the aviation activity. By decision of the owners the 25-year experience of business and markets of Danubian Aircraft Company jsc. have since been integrated. In the current activity of the company play a major role engineering, production and modernization of vehicles. To ensure the efficient use of resources, Danubian Aircraft Company strives to minimize its own human and physical resources and to implement individual production and service tasks (projects) with external resources. The strengthening of this operating model has resulted that  cooperation, project management and operation by the main contractor have leading role in the company's activities.  Trade and logistics activities, project management and the main contractor also appeared as an independent service in the company's operations. The company presents high production culture and tradition. The company's management, internal and external human resources necessary continue all the traditions of the former activity and profiles of organizations.