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The company was founded in 1956, and Patrick Besnier has been its managing director since 2006. Over the last 70 years, DBC has acquired a unique set of skills and know-how in machining, bar cutting and precision engineering. Located in Scionzier in the Haute-Savoie (eastern France), the company has restructured and adapted on a number of occasions to keep in step with changes to its markets.

The company now employs 110 people and is equipped with more than 100 highly customised machines. The words which define the company are:  precision, quality and performance. To achieve our objectives, every year we take 10 % of our turnover and invest it in improvements to our machines.

CNC machining of metal and plastic components used in aeronautics. Production of high value-added parts in a complete solution.


Precision, adaptability and the capacity to respond quickly are the key qualities needed to cater for the needs of high-tech sectors such as aeronautics.
DBC takes all the measures necessary to ensure that its work will meet your requirements specification and can go further: developing additional tests on materials and heat treating and surface treating your parts.
In addition to its high-performance machines, we can machine parts with a volume of up to 80 mm3 on our machining centres dedicated to aeronautical component manufacture.
For work on bar stock, we can machine parts with diameters of up to Ø100. We can work on all materials, such as stainless steel grades (303, 304L, 316Ti…), aluminium, exotic materials, etc. Our structure is set up to accommodate all sizes of production run (including very small runs from 50 to 1000 parts) to meet all your requirements, even for the most complex parts.
Closed-door detectors, landing gear sensors, instrument panel components, flight control parts, etc.