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DC Aviation Ltd.

Malta Intl. Airport
Gudja LQA 5000

35º51’27.15”N 014º28’38.78”E and just 5 kilometres from Valletta, Malta International Airport is slowly but surely becoming a hub for corporate aviation. The airfield has two runways; runway 13-31 (3,544m long x 60m wide) and runway 05-23 (2,377m long x 45m wide) aligned nearly at right angles to each other.
With 300 days of sunshine, practically no slots, ample aircraft parking space, and in operation 24/7, it is a corporate and a general aviation dream. Well... almost.
DC Aviation has been in Malta since 2008, its main focus being to provide a high quality service to the corporate aviation industry to-ing and fro-ing at Malta International Airport. One of the largest operators and management companies of business aircraft in Europe, its philosophy is, “What is not good for our own operation is not good for our customers”, says Stanley Bugeja Managing Director of DC Aviation in Malta. “Passion for Quality, is more than a catch phrase for us, it is our credo. It is this that motivates us when providing services at Malta International Airport. We are the only dedicated corporate aviation handling company which provides proper crew facilities at the airport’s departure terminal” continues Bugeja.  DC Aviation has invested heavily in executive ramp transportation, employee training and facilities for crew and passengers at the departures terminal in Malta.
DC Aviation is also a founding member of the Malta Business Aviation Association and of which Bugeja is currently the president, further demonstrating the organisations commitment to the industry’s growth on this island. “Although our dream is to one day have a general aviation terminal at Malta International Airport, we have done all that is possible for our customers not to feel the lack thereof.” concludes Bugeja.