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Since the company was created in 1946, DEFONTAINE has continued to develop the industrial process of flash butt welding and the numerous  applications that it opens up:starter motor ring gears for the automotive industry where it remains the most economically viable solution, more than sixty years after its introduction.

The world of rolling bearings through slewing rings with the widest variety of applications, from railway bogies and public works machinery to radar rotation systems and soft drink canning machines;

aeronautical jet engine stator rings where they constitute an economic replacement for ring-rolled parts more and more often. 

DEFONTAINE RINGS is focusing on promoting this process as a solution to the most diverse industrial customers’ applications by developing the production of rings in a wide variety of alloy grades. 

At a time when materials are becoming increasingly rare, in greater demand and more expensive, DEFONTAINE RINGS can supply forged products that are as economical as possible in terms of material by sticking as close as possible to the required machining dimensions.

With a proven track record for performance for large, medium and small-scale production, DEFONTAINE RINGS offers you its expertise as forging and machining specialists with a generalist vision of the industrial world.