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Rue Gilles Magnée 92/6
4430 Ans

DELTATEC aims to develop state-of-the-art products that create competitive advantages for its clients.

As a design services only company, DELTATEC role is systematically adapted to its customer needs: sometimes it is a pure hardware design, sometimes the development of a dedicated software, and, in other cases, the full design (hardware, software and mechanics) of a product and its manufacturing management.

Whilst ensuring design excellence and the highest level of product quality, DELTATEC generally shortens the product development cycle and so optimizes time-to-market. 

As a general rule, DELTATEC retains no further rights, copyrights or other ownership claims of the client’s product. 

The most popular business model proposed by the company includes client support throughout the product lifetime.

DELTATEC has many innovating clients spanning across an extensive range of industries, with a particular expertise in industry, space and TV broadcast.