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Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc.

1560 Crumlin Sideroad
London, ON N5V 1S2

Diamond Aircraft are produced in state of the art facilities located in Wiener Neustadt, Austria and London, Ontario, Canada, as well as in third party license facilities to serve their respective markets. Our operations are vertically integrated with a high degree of in house operations for optimum quality control. From design through prototyping, production of tooling, the production of “real time prepreg” composite materials, to the manufacture of complete airframes, welded metal components, electrical harnesses, instrument panels, systems and assemblies, all of this work is performed in-house. We are proud of our long serving and stable employee group, who are not only experts, but passionate about their work. We invite prospective customers to visit our facilities to see how we craft the most advanced, most efficient and safest piston aircraft available.