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Association whose main goal is to create an environment conducive to the regional structuring of a professional drone ecosystem categories. Aerospace Company

The "Drones Paris Région" cluster offers the professional drone ecosystem unique flight spaces in Île-de-France:

Outdoor spaces: a space of almost 300 ha has been created specifically for the cluster by the DGAC under cover of the LF R 333 "Bretigny Leudeville" area SUP AIP 081/18. This flight space is the largest of its type in Ile-de-France, it allows the following developments:
Experimental flights
Specific flights of type S1, S2 and S4
Maximum ceiling of 150 m

Indoor spaces: the cluster already has indoor flight spaces in the immediate vicinity of its site. It will soon have dedicated facilities on its site

The “Drones Paris Région” cluster is the manager of these flight spaces and is, as such, available to welcome you on site.

In addition, by coming to fly with us, you will also have the possibility of exchanging with the community of the cluster, knowing that in the very medium term, the cluster will also offer services of the Flight Test Center type. The cluster actively participates in the Council For Civilian Drones working group dedicated to this subject.

The map of authorized outdoor flight spaces is as follows:

The hatched section in yellow corresponds to the space reserved for the stork model aircraft club.

The orange (training), blue (scenario 1 and 2), magenta (S4) spaces are reserved for the cluster.

They can be safely used separately.

Note that zone S4 extends over a length of more than 4 km for non "certified" aircraft. For the others, it is of course possible to operate the drone over lengths beyond the scope of the ZRT.

This space is open to all professionals in the sector, whether you are a member of the cluster or not.