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4432 ANS

In 2003, Dumoulin Aero, specialized in the manufacturing of Fine Hunting Guns, has operated a significant diversification by launching a program to manufacture titanium and other allied steel parts for aircrafts.

Dumoulin Aero manufactures parts for the leading edges of wings and undercarriages

Although, the company was rather inexperienced in this particular field, the rigor and precision needed in the manufacturing of fine firearms, considerably contributed to the success of this reconversion and enabled the company to establish a performing operation and obtain the EN 9100 Certification.

In a short period, Dumoulin Aero has successfully assimilated the quality requirements, the organizational and production aspects and adopted the strict control requirements needed for the manufacturing of high precision parts sub-contracted by manufacturers such as AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER or EMBRAER.

Today, Dumoulin Aero employs more than 30 people specifically trained to operate modern machines and equipment and has the capacity to perform a broad range of operations from turning-milling and milling mostly for connection parts between Tracks and Flaps and Tracks and Slats as well as Carriages.

We have also a strong partnership with La Nitruration Moderne (Nadcap and required qualifications against specs) which allows us to deliver complete treated parts (NDT, Passivation, Zn Ni, Cadmium Plating, Painting and Ink Identification,…).

The light structure of the Company and its geographical location enables a quick and efficient response to customer needs always in accordance with strict quality criteria and allocated deadlines.

Dumoulin Aero is positioning itself as a key partner for aeronautic companies willing to establish a close and fruitful relationship based on know-how, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.