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E-Seek, Inc.

9471 Ridgehaven Ct., Suite E
San Diego, CA 92123
United States

Five individuals who share a common interest in developing breakthrough technology products in bar code reading founded The Company in 1999.  
The Company founders have extensive experience in both advanced engineering and marketing.  Mr. Ali Lebaschi, former CTO and Mr. Hak-Soo Kim, former vice-President, Engineering and Mr. Hak-Soo Kim are both senior design engineers who, have been directly responsible for several patented devices in barcode technology, reading, scanning technology, and optical readers. They are responsible for the development of the Company's unique reading and decode technology.  
Mr. Sam Dishman has held several executive positions with organizations involved in the bar code scanning and portable terminal marketplace.  
Mr. Ken Waters, Chairman has had several senior executive positions with Fortune 500 companies and used to serve on the Board of Directors of several public and private firms. Mr. Waters has served as President of MicroAge and Computer Land Corporations, both distributors of high-tech products.  
Mr. Andy Anderson, the former President, has founded two high-tech reseller organizations in Southern California and served in several sales, marketing, and executive positions for technology firms.