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Batiment D1 - 6 rue Aristide Bergès
17180 Périgny

Arthur LÉOPOLD-LÉGER, a polyvalent leader

Arthur has always been a passionate person. From top level sailing to flying, his multifaceted experience enabled him to build up a vast amount of knowledge. Having passed his pilot license at the age of 16, Arthur is a well-seasoned pilot. Between test flights and deliveries of various aircraft all over Europe, as well as flights on behalf of his former customers, he can boast 1000 hours of piloting. Arthur notably took part in the young pilots' “Tour De France Aérien”.

Beyond his passion for piloting Arthur is also a technician. He was trained as an aerospace engineer at Kinston University near London and holds the aeronautical maintenance national license (LNMA). In the past ten years Arthur has assembled about twenty aircraft; he has also been in charge of the follow-up work on about a hundred machines, thus getting the best and widest knowledge of the market expectations.