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24 quai de la douane 29200
29200 Brest

Ellidiss Software, the new trading name of TNI Europe Limited is an organisation focused on the real-time embedded software market. In particular it has as its mission the supply of software tools, consultancy, training and other related services to Worldwide clients involved in this market. At present the company is principally focussed on the space, aerospace, and transport markets and has as its clients many of the leading organisations in these fields.

The company markets software tools supporting AADL, UML, HOOD and HRT-HOOD software development methods. AADL is the new systems development language being mandated on many new projects. UML has become a market standard for systems analysis. HOOD and HRT-HOOD are real-time embedded software development methods covering architectural and detailed design. Ellidiss software’s tools offer full documentation and code generation and are particularly suitable for the development of mission critical systems in Ada, C, or C++. The software tools operate on UNIX, Windows and VMS. Data bridging tools are available to port data between platforms, and reverse engineering tools are available to capture an initial design from source code whether or not it was previously generated by a software tool.