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Ellwood Quality Steels Company

700 Moravia Street
New Castle, PA 16037
United States

Ellwood Quality Steels, together with sister company, Ellwood National Steel, are primary producers of carbon, alloy, and stainless steels, including 300M, 4330V, 4340, 9310, 17-4 and 15-5 with Ni and CuNi alloys also available. Recycled products are melted using state of the art technologies for air melted, vacuum arc remelted (VAR) or electro slag remelted (ESR) to serve a wide variety of needs in many industries.

We continue to expand to meet growing requirements in aerospace, defense and space applications.

Ellwood Quality Steels Ingots

Driven To Be The Best Solution For Ingots

Ellwood Quality Steels New VIM Facility

ELLWOOD Announces Plans to Expand Capabilities with New VIM Facility

Ellwood Quality Steels Premium Steels and Ni Alloys

Premium Steels and Ni Alloys